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People Are Getting Free Amazon Packages, But It's All Part Of A Scam

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Go Social / CBS Local Boston

I will literally take anything that's free, which is probably why I stock up on clear plastic bags at the grocery store. It's not something I'm proud of, but I tell myself that everyone does it. Right?

Free samples being given to you is one thing, but having products shipped straight to your door is another. It feels good, until you learn that nothing in life comes free...

One couple from Massachusetts has been receiving mysterious packages from Amazon since October. At first they thought it was a mistake, but now they're worried they're part of an elaborate fake reviews scam.

Retired nurses Mike and Kelly Gallivan told The Boston Globe that they were feeling like how anyone of us would feel receiving free items: overwhelmingly excited. But once they learned how the scam works, they were thoroughly disappointed...

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