Quiznos and Chuck E. Cheese Want To Give You Free Food On Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day can be expensive for a holiday that isn't even a real holiday. From the flowers, the gift and the dinner, it gets crazy. There are now fast food chains that want to make it easier for you by giving you free food on and around Valentine's Day.

This is also perfect for you single folk that couldn't care less about this day.


They want to give you a free Lobster & Seafood sub throughout the month of February, starting Valentine's Day. All new or current members of Quiznos' Toasty Points loyalty app program will receive one free, eight-inch Lobster & Seafood Scampi Bake or Lobster & Seafood Classic sub with any purchase.

Chuck E. Cheese

If you go here on February 14 you will get one free brownie square (per guest) from 6 to 8 p.m. Some may say that Chuck E. Cheese is not where they want to spend Valentine's Day, but those people are crazy because I would do anything for a free brownie.


This is one for the single people! Shred, burn, or bury a picture of your ex and receive a coupon for buy one get one free wings to use on Valentine's Day. This is for all you bitter people out there, or even you non-bitter people that are okay with lying for some free wings!

This next one made me change my plans for Valentine's Day evening..

TGI Fridays

On Valentine's Day, you can get a dinner for two for only $30, but that's not all. Bottles of wine are half-price all night. What says love more than wine?

Jack in the Box

On February 14, if you tweet a taco emoji and a telephone emoji to @JackBox on Twitter (instead of your texting your ex), Jack will respond with not only words of encouragement but a code to redeem free delivery on one of your favorite menu items.

McAlister's Deli

For those unable to find a babysitter, no worries. If you go here on Valentine's Day you're kids meal will be covered. Kids eat free on February 14, so you don't have to worry about dragging your kids along with you, they will be happy and you will save money.


When you spend $7 here, they will give you a free bottle of their signature hot sauce. Just a little something to spice up your night, what more do you need!

So here you have it, your Valentine's Day no longer needs to be an expensive mess. Eat some free food and learn to love your higher bank account balance.