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Friends Think They Are Helping Out A Buddy, Unknowingly Help Him Commit A Felony

Idaho State Journal

We have all been there, on the receiving end of a friend asking us to help them move, usually with the promise of beer and pizza as payment. Honestly, we all know it isn't worth it, but it has almost become a mandatory aspect of friendship.

This past July, Patrick Joseph Adams Jr. asked several of his friends to help him move out of his house. One of them went and rented a U-Haul truck to make the job easier.

It turns out that these "friends" had no idea what they were signing up for.

When the friends showed up at Adams's "house" there were some concerning aspects. One friend ended up leaving because he saw military medals framed on the wall and didn't think Adams had served in the military.

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Another friend started to feel some skepticism when Adams's girlfriend didn't seem to know her way around the house, but he kept helping, unwittingly.

In all it took two trips with the U-Haul in order to empty the house of its $40K worth of contents. Adams had actually convinced his friends into unknowingly helping him commit robbery. It wasn't until later that night when the actual homeowner came home did anyone realize anything was wrong. He immediately called police to report the break-in.

Idaho State Journal

Adams who already has multiple convictions on his criminal record has been charged and held on $50K bond. His "accomplices" have not been charged as it appears that they were duped and had no knowledge of what was actually happening.

If you have never been to your friend's house maybe you aren't good enough friends to be helping them move.