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Frightened Pit Bull Ran Right Into An Oncoming Train, Horrified, This Cop Jumped In After Her

One year ago, a white Pit Bull was seen running around the Amtrak station in Baltimore when something spooked her.

She raced into a train tunnel - straight into the path of an oncoming train. There was no time to stop for her, and to everyone's horror, she was struck down.

Officer Kevin McMullen jumped down into the tunnel after an emergency alert stopped the other incoming trains. What he saw just broke his dog lover's heart.

“When I saw her, I thought she was just afraid because there was nowhere to go to, with the trains all around her,” the officer recalls. “When I go to pick her up, I noticed there was blood everywhere and one of her legs was severed off.”

The injured dog managed to lift her lacerated face towards McMullen and tried to give him kisses. Dispite her dire situation, she seemed to know that she was in good hands.

McMullen knew that the dog was running out of time - she had already lost more than half of her blood supply and her back leg was gone along with the tip of her tail.

“I just couldn’t believe she was actually responding to me,” McMullen tells Dogster. He knew the injuries could quickly become fatal unless the dog got medical help fast.

“I was able to get Baltimore City Animal Control to help me, to see if they could try to save her life — I wasn’t even sure if they could.”

To everyone's surprise the miracle dog survived and recovered from her injuries in just two and a half weeks!

McMullen wasn't originally thinking about adopting her, but it soon became apparent that the two had formed a special bond.

Now Miracle Molly lives with her rescuer, his girlfriend Claire, and their three dogs and cat.

“She’s runs around trying to play with them,” says McMullen, who has no plans to have Molly fitted for any kind of wheelchair or prosthetic. “She seems to be doing fine for missing a leg. I don’t think anything slows her down, besides jumping up on the bed or the couch. That’s where she needs help. Other than that, she’s perfect.”

Visit Miracle Molly's Facebook page for more adorable photos!

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