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Froot Loops Donuts Are Now A Thing, And People Are Going Crazy For Them

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When I was a kid, every morning I would give 50 cents to the lunch lady for a delicious bowl of Froot Loops cereal and milk.

It was my bread and butter at the time, and now, when I sneak a bowl in my diet every now and then, I can't help but feel nostalgic.

So when I heard that fast food giants Carl's Jr. and Hardee's are teaming up to create my favorite Kellogg's cereal, the child inside of me screamed with excitement.

The last time Froot Loops was made into a dessert was in 2017. Kellogg's introduced the Fruit Loops milkshake at Burger King for a limited-time only.

Froot Loops mini donuts apparently taste just like the colorful cereal.

The donuts come in a personal-sized pack of five, making them the perfect nostalgic treat to share with friends, coworkers, and family.

What's makes this treat even more delightful is that each box costs only $1.99!

Many social media users are loving this great news:

But not everyone is as excited as I am:

The new item can be bought as early as Wednesday, but it's available for a limited-time only at participating restaurants.

To find out where you can buy Froot Loops donuts, head over to Carl's Jr.'s website.

Will you be trying this new breakfast creation?

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