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Frozen Pork Falls From Skies Above Florida

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Have you ever been out for a walk, minding your own business on a nice day, only to have something mysterious fall from the sky and land right by you?


No joke, I was once leaving the supermarket and heading to my car, only for a Lego brick to fall out of the sky and land right by my feet. I suspect a bird had been carrying it in their beak or something, but the point stands that it's a pretty surreal experience.


Whether as a result of animals, ridiculous weather, or possibly even a plane crash, there have been plenty of strange incidents of things falling from the sky. The incidents of balloons coming down are an obviously man-made error, while things like fish and insects raining down have often been attributed to crazy weather conditions.

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Some incidents though are ones that defy all explanation and just leave everybody involved puzzled. Case and point: a batch of frozen, grocery store pork recently fell from the skies above Florida, and people are stumped as to why.

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