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There's A Cat Hiding In This Picture But No One Can Spot Him And It's The Purr-fect Puzzle

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When this vintage-looking picture found its way into the viral channels of the Internet, it stumped the world.

We're told that there is an adorable kitten in this photo, but it seems like this brain teaser is impossible to crack, because all we see is wispy vegetation. Some people thought that whoever uploaded this photo was trying to play a trick on us!  

However, there actually is a kitty in that photo, but she's well camouflaged.

So where is the adorable kitty?

Now you're probably scratching your head hoping that we'd give you the answer, but you'll just have to concentrate long enough on the picture below to see whether or not you can spot the cat.

Remember that the only thing tricking you is your eyes! Inspect every pixel of this photo carefully.

Still need help? Here it is!

Here's another brain teaser for those of you who have found the cat above. This one may be a little easier. Try to find the hidden cat in the root of the tree. Once again, inspect every pixel very carefully, the kitten blends with the background but it's not impossible to spot it!

For those of you that are still stumped, here's a hint: make a small circle with your hand and slowly survey the photograph. This will help your brain to focus on smaller portions of the photo.

If you found both of the cats, share this article to your friends and watch them go nuts trying to find them! If you haven't, see if a friend can help you!

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