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10 Things Your Family Can Do Once The Presents Are All Opened

If the fun is all over after the Christmas presents are opened, you're doing something wrong!

What better way to get in the holiday cheer than with an exciting card or board game.

Here are some great deals on Amazon that will save you money and give your holidays the extra fun it deserves!

10. Play the Uno card game with a twist! Uno Dare! is only $4.97 on Amazon.

You'll save two dollars.

If you prefer the classic Uno card card game, it's 61% off on Amazon ($4.89), down from $12.42.

9. What better way to connect than with Connect 4! It's 48% off, right now only $6.79 on Amazon, down from $12.99.

8. How well can your family keep these blocks in place before it all falls down. This fun, classic game of Jenga is 50% off, now only $7.47 on Amazon, down from $14.99!

7. This game is called 5 Second Rule, but it will keep you occupied for hours! It's 52% off on Amazon, only $11.89, down from $24.99.  

6. You've seen something like it on Ellen. HedBanz is 49% off, now only $10.11, down from $19.99.  

5. You'll save more than $6 if you order Battleship on Amazon. Get it for just $10.87!

4. Things will get extra wild with the classic game of Jumanji. It's action-packed and now only $16.99 on Amazon, down from $29.99!

You'll save 43%.

3. What's fun about family time without some family feud? It's 41% off on Amazon so you don't want to miss this card game. It was $9.99, but now you can purchase it for only $5.94!

2. One of the world's most popular games is 63% off on Amazon. You'll save more than $11 if you purchase now; you'll only have to pay $6.71!

1. If you're looking for something simple that takes your children back to the time when you were a kid, purchase them a standard deck of cards. You'll save 52%, only having to pay $2.97 on Amazon!

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