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Miracle Kitten Survives Thanks To A Pair Of Socks

fosterkittenlove /Instagram

Meet baby Selene...

This tiny kitten was turned into a local animal shelter with her mother, Muse. Cat Adoption Team, a local rescue group in Sherwood, Oregon found a special home for the pair with foster mom, Shelby.

"Selene came to me when she was only five days old. She was the size of a newborn (they should double their weight by the first week) and with her eyes wide open I thought she was the most adorable little alien kitten I had ever seen," Shelby said to Love Meow.

Muse was so traumatized, that she stopped feeding her baby. Shelby stepped up to the plate and began to feed the little one kitten milk replacer.

But, when little Selene the kitten was two and a half weeks old, Shelby discovered something was wrong...

The vulnerable kitten was suffering from a torn umbilical cord. After observing Muse's attempt to bathe her baby, Shelby decided that something more needed to be done.

"They are supposed to fall off 3-5 days after they are born. I had moved them into my foster room and noticed the base of Selene's cord was torn open and very raw looking after Muse had given her a bath," Shelby said.

The concerned caregiver made little sweaters out of some fuzzy socks to protect her wound and help the little kitten heal.

The little kitten adapted to her new fuzzy frock and mama Muse didn't seem to mind the sweaters.

Shelby cut tiny holes in the soft socks for the kittens legs. The socks fit perfectly and, as an added bonus, they kept the little one nice and warm!

Unfortunately, because Muse stopped lactating, she eventually went into heat and was no longer interested in caring for her kitten....

Shelby became little Selene's full-time surrogate mama. She fed and looked after the tiny kitten 24/7.

"This left me with my little cuddly and quirky singleton drama queen Selene," Shelby said. "She is demanding and spunky. I've never met a kitten who enjoys toys more than she does."

The sweet little one loves to be snuggled, so Shelby made a tiny pouch for Selene to ride around in - what a lucky little kitty!

Now, sweet Selene is a feisty seven-week-old kitten who weighs 1.4 pounds (up from 3.4 ounces at the beginning).

It's clear that this little lovebug is well on her way to blossoming into a beautiful, healthy cat, thanks to Shelby's love and dedication.

[h/t Love Meow / FosterKittenLove / Cat Adoption Team]