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Gardener's "Genius" Invention Has Animal Lovers Up In Arms

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It's the time of year when gardeners start to make plans for the rest of the season, including how they'll deal with the unwanted visitors that stop by to check on their vegetables. No, we're not talking about annoying relatives that leave with a basket full of your cucumbers. We mean snails, slugs, and other critters that will chew through all your hard work. The urge to protect your garden at all costs can be overwhelming, but most people don't want to harm the innocent creatures that wander into their yards.

Reddit user WHELDOT doesn't seem to have a problem with collateral damage, because he's set up a modern, high-tech defense system in his backyard.

WHELDOT's says he worried about using pesticides to kill the slugs in his garden, because his young daughter might find the dead bugs and try to eat him. His more humane solution is a small-scale electric fence, made from a length of garden wire hooked up to a 9-volt battery.

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