Garth Brooks' Daughter Is Now 21-Years-Old And A Bride-To-Be

In the U.S., turning 21 is a milestone everyone looks forward to. Not only does society view you as more mature, it's the age at which you're able to legally drink and have the words "under 21" removed from your driver's license.

Most young adults like to celebrate their "coming of age" by going out for a night they'll never remember, but for Allie Brooks, her 21st birthday is one she'll always remember thanks to her boyfriend, Jonathan Roberts, and her country star father, Garth Brooks.

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The youngest of the country crooner's three daughters with his first wife, Sandy Mahl, Allie Colleen Brooks was born in 1996. Brooks' girls have been kept out of the spotlight for years, but Allie inherited her father's talent and has been posting videos of her song covers on her Facebook page.

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She's even joined her famous dad on stage a few times to lend some stunning background vocals including a performance at the Forum in LA on July 28th. Since it was Allie's birthday, Garth asked the audience to join him in an impromptu sing-along of "Happy Birthday" to his daughter.

Watch Garth Brooks sing Happy Birthday to his baby girl and new backup singer, Allie Brooks!!

Posted by Hunter Kelly on Saturday, July 29, 2017

If you thought the moment on stage was sweet, wait until you see the surprise Allie's boyfriend had in store for her backstage. Click on the next page to watch the special video.

In another video from the night, Jonathan Roberts was seen hugging and kissing Allie as she got off the stage, then as she pulls away he goes down on one knee and pulls out a ring. All the while, Garth can be heard singing "She's Every Woman" in the background. Talk about perfect timing!

Posted by Jonathan Roberts on Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Wow!! LA was incredible. It's definitely gonna be one to remember from 2 amazing concerts to jet skiing 40 miles up and down the coast. We Celebrated Allie Brooks birthday!!" Jonathan wrote on his Facebook page.

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"Also she said YES!!!! I'm beyond blessed to have this beautiful woman in my life. She's anything but typical. She's so unpredictable," he added quoting the lyrics from the song in the video.

Johnathan Roberts/Facebook

Congratulations to the happy couple! We're looking forward to seeing Allie and Jonathan tie the knot!

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