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Garth Brooks's Daughter Is Following In Her Father's Footseps

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Allie Brooks, the daughter of country superstar, Garth Brooks, has definitely inherited her father's singing genes.

The 21-year-old is set to graduate from Nashville's Belmont University in May, where she has been pursing a degree in songwriting, supported by knowledge of copyright law, demo production and music publishing.

“I have been watching, listening and learning as much as possible, just trying to be like a sponge and soak it all in,” Allie said. “It has been such a blessing to meet so many great people and play so many outstanding venues.”

Garth Brooks married his college sweetheart Sandy Mahl in May 1986. Together they had four daughters, Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks born in July 1992, August Anna Brooks born in May 1994, and Allie Colleen Brooks born in July 1996.

The couple later separated in March of 1999, and their divorce became final in 2001.

For the country singer, his children have always been his top priority. He even temporarily retired from the music industry in 2000 to focus on his family. He said he wouldn't be returning to country music until after his youngest daughter graduated from high school. When Allie graduated from high school in 2014, he made his triumphant return to the stage.

During his time away from the spotlight, Garth married fellow country music star, Trisha Yearwood in December 2005. After Allie graduated, Garth and Trisha sold their home in Owasso, Oklahoma and relocated to Tennessee.

Now that Allie is set to graduate from University, things are about to change for her yet again.

Allie, who just turned 21, surprised concertgoers during her dad's show in July by coming onstage and singing some of Garth's classic songs with him. That's when her dad, turned to the audience and had them sing "Happy Birthday" to his youngest daughter.

Watch Garth Brooks sing Happy Birthday to his baby girl and new backup singer, Allie Brooks!!

Posted by Hunter Kelly on Saturday, July 29, 2017

But the surprise wasn't over yet. After Allie went backstage, it turned out her boyfriend, Jonathan Roberts, was waiting there with a ring in hand. The emotional moment when he got down on one knee and proposed was captured for everyone to see.

Posted by Jonathan Roberts on Sunday, July 30, 2017

The happy husband-to-be later shared his excitement in a Facebook post.

"Wow!! LA was incredible. It's definitely gonna be one to remember from 2 amazing concerts to jet skiing 40 miles up and down the coast. We Celebrated Allie Brooks birthday!!

Also she said YES!!!! I'm beyond blessed to have this beautiful woman in my life.She's anything but typical. She's so unpredictable. ❤️"

Wow!! LA was incredible. It's definitely gonna be one to remember from 2 amazing concerts to jet skiing 40 miles up and...

Posted by Jonathan Roberts on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Allie has established herself with regular performances at the Scoreboard Bar in Nashville, and you can hear her sing across her social media networks.

“I've been gigging down there for about 18 months,” Allie said. “It's been a blast. The people are wonderful and the food is phenomenal. You can't beat that combination.”

She also has four live shows scheduled in Southern Illinois in early February.

The rising star recently posted a video of her cover of her father's hit song "She's Every Woman," and it has everyone talking about the young singer's talent.  

"Honestly might be the most well-written song to ever bless my life," she captioned the video.

COVER: SHE'S EVERY WOMAN Honestly might be the most well-written song to ever bless my life. Xoxo, Al

Posted by Allie Colleen on Saturday, January 28, 2017

She has however made a promise to her dad that will limit how her career takes off.

Apparently, she has promised her dad that she won't sign a recording contract until after she graduates from college in the spring. Education has always been important to her father, so it is no surprise that she agreed to this for him.

That doesn't make him any less proud of his daughter's talent.

“When she does a Garth Brooks song, it makes me feel proud, but I also hate the fact that she does it better than I do,” Garth shared with a chuckle. “I hate that, because she’s real intelligent on the guitar as well. Real great about melody.”

But Allie doesn't seem too eager to get her music career off the ground right away. She knows that everything comes in time.

“Playing music is the greatest thing on earth, but God controls the big picture," she says. "I'm just trying to feel my way through. I pray for His guidance and if it is His will, I'm planning on playing my music for a long time.”

I think she will have a very bright career ahead of her!

Source: Country Living / Country Fan Cast / Today