Genius Parrot Shows Off Her Impressions On Her 30th Birthday

It's not everyday a world famous parrot celebrates their 30th birthday, so we hope you remembered to send Einstein a card this week.

This African grey parrot lives at Zoo Knoxville, where she spends lots of time practicing her comedy routine with head trainer Adam Patterson.

She's mastered over 200 words, which is about the same as a 3-year-old human. But most toddlers aren't as famous as this clever girl, who's appeared on TV shows like America's Got Talent.

For her 30th birthday on Tuesday, Zoo Knoxville released this video showing off some of Einstein's best impressions.

She can flawlessly imitate everything from a rocket ship to a monkey, and she can even tell the difference between a friendly greeting and a more polite one.

While this video of her routine is going viral, it isn't Einstein's first time in the spotlight. She actually gave her own TED Talk back in 2006, where she flirted with former Vice President Al Gore.

If you want to see more of this amazing bird (or just wish her a happy birthday) the zoo has set up a YouTube channel just for her silly impressions.

Just don't worry that we'll be saying goodbye to this star any time soon. African greys regularly live to be 70 years old, so Einstein has a long life ahead of her.

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