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George Clooney Road Trips With The Muppets And Other Classic Movie Characters [Video]

It seems like nothing can go wrong for one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Earlier this year George Clooney and his wife Amal  shared the exciting news that they're expecting twins, and now the father-to-be stars in a new commercial for Nespresso.

The ad, which features Clooney road-tripping through some of the most iconic movies of the past decades, is impressive and funny. While it's a little strange to see George and the Muppets together, the star has a habit of showing up when he's least expected.

See how many of these classic movies you can recognize, and watch out for a cameo from one of George's Ocean's 11 co-stars.

Did you recognize all the classic movie moments? George visits Psycho, Smokey and the Bandit, Planes Trains and Automobiles, The Muppet Movie, Easy Rider and Seabiscuit.

All that just to get home and enjoy some Nespresso coffee. Of course, if we lived in Clooney's $10,000,000 home, we'd be dying to go there too!

In a special behind-the-scenes video Clooney shows off more the light-hearted personality that his fans love, joking that the commercial's green screen set was easier to work with than Danny Devito.

That's a lot of technology just for a coffee commercial! Then again, when you're working with a multi-Oscar winner only the best will  do.

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