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German Shepherd can't handle his mom's new "friend" - You've never laughed so hard

Dogs are great, loyal friends that would do anything for you. Just as long as that "anything" doesn't involve facing off with scary things like vacuum cleaners, brooms or tiny kittens.

German Shepherds are known as some of the most devoted and fearsome of dog breeds. After all that's why police use them so much. You wouldn't know it by looking at this one cute canine though.

His owner brought home an overstuffed plush tiger and left it on the kitchen floor. Her dog was clearly spooked so she wanted to give them some time to get adjusted to each other.


As you can see the tiger is totally fine (probably because it's inanimate) but the dog....well not so much.

It takes lots of coaxing, encouragement and pleading for the dog to even get close. Once she's there she's on red alert, ready for any kind of movement from the stuffed animal.

If you don't fall in love with this dog's skittering and barking to itself then I don't know if you're human.

Take a look!

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