Get Ready Cat Fans, "Meow Madness" Is Coming Soon

You don't need to be a sports fan to get excited for this year's biggest basketball game.

On April 3rd you can tune in to the Hallmark channel to watch the heated competition between schools like the University of North Cat-Alina and the University of Cinci-Catty.

It's not March Madness, it's Meow Madness, the new event that will try to replace the Puppy Bowl as the must-see animal competition of the year. Featuring more than 100 cute kittens and some intense basketball action, it's perfect counter-programming for this year's college basketball championship game.

Meow Madness

The event is a chance to showcase kittens who are up for adoption. They've taped their performances back in January and now shelters across the country hope the free exposure will find forever homes for these needy cats.

Beth Stern - wife of former America's Got Talent host Howard Stern - will host the event. Stern is the perfect choice because she has raised hundreds of foster-kittens and supports a number of animal charities.

Even though this is a charity event the competition will still be fierce.

Meow Madness

LA Lakers announcer John Sally will call the action as feline superstars like Meow Ming, Stephen Furry and Meow-Tumbo (all parodies of real NBA stars) face off on the miniature hardwood.

Meow Madness

While fans won't be able to bet on the winner, you can meet some of this year's competitors on the event's website. There's even a 24-hour livestream of the kittens "training," which looks a lot like playing to me.

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