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Get Ready McDonald's Lovers The Big Mac Is Getting Bigger... And Smaller

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That's right, McDonald's has just announced that their menu will be changing in a number of locations. This means we get bigger Big Macs, and also smaller Big Macs for the smaller eaters. But don't worry the original Big Mac will still be available too.

These new Macs will be called the the Grand Mac, and the Mac Jr. The Grand Mac is a regular Big Mac but bigger. It will feature two one-sixth-pound patties, two cheese slices and a bigger bun. The Mac Jr. will be a one layer version of the Big Mac, so basically a normal one patty burger but with all the amazing things a Big Mac has to offer.

McDonald's has decided to make this change because they have finally realized that everyone has different appetites. It was about time they did this. Stores like Wendy's and Five Guys Burgers and Fries have had larger and smaller sizes of their most popular burgers for as far back as we can remember.

But this change seems as it has been coming do to McDonald's huge changes these past few years.

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