Cops Had To Stop As A Giant Snake Made Its Way Across The Road

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Queensland Police/Imgflip

We may have solved the age-old-question of "why did the chicken cross the road?" It turns out it was likely trying to get away from the giant-a** snake chasing it across the road.

I tell you that I would run across the road faster than I have ever moved before if I happened across the scene that police in Queensland, Australia did.

The two officers were on patrol a little north of Cairns, Queensland. The 16 foot snake was so big that it stretched across the entire length of the road, blocking any clear path to continue driving.

Queensland Police

The two officers decided against trying to handle the snake themselves, and just allowed it to continue on its way across the road.

According to David Walton from Cairns Snake Removals the officers made the right call in not going after the snake themselves. Snakes that size have tremendous power. And even though the amethystine (scrub) python is a non-venomous snake, it could still turn on a dime and deliver a painful bite.

Amethystine pythons have been known to grow up to 26 feet, and the snake spotted by the officers was likely near the end of its life.

Reptiles Magazine

A giant snake is just par for the course in regards to Australian wildlife, which includes some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

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