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After A Revolutionary Surgery, This Three-Year-Old Girl Could Walk To Santa Without Help

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Cerebral palsy is one of the most debilitating and unfortunately common movement disorders in children, and to live with it is to basically be fighting your own body. Those who suffer from the disorder have varying symptoms, but among the most common are poor coordination, weak muscles, and tremors, all of which make it incredibly difficult to move of your own accord.


Researchers believe they've identified several root causes of the disorder, which range from infections incurred while in the womb, to head injury and trauma during the first few years of life. The treatments for it are just as varied, with things like wearing braces on afflicted areas and taking medication being the most common, but severe cases often tend to require surgery and other invasive procedures to manage. This condition is a ton for any grown adult to go through, let alone a child, and as a result it can lead to kids feeling like it's preventing them from essentially, well, being a kid.

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However, recent developments in the treatment of the disorder are paving the way for kids who suffer from cerebral palsy to lead completely normal lives, and the latest, greatest example comes from a little girl who was able to take her first unassisted steps to meet Santa Claus...

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