Girl With Autism Sings A Rendition Of "Hallelujah" And It Brings Everyone To Tears

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One of my really good friends was diagnosed with autism at a young age, but you would have to know her well to figure out that she's on the spectrum. She's what they unofficially call "high-functioning."

There are a lot of stereotypes that accompany the condition, and this relays the wrong picture to those who aren't familiar with autism spectrum disorder.

Just because a person has autism doesn't mean that they're good with numbers or that they lack communication skills. Sure, some people fall really high on the spectrum so they may not be able to talk or compose themselves accordingly in certain social situations, but sometimes with the right help, things do get better.

Take for instance, ten-year-old Kaylee Rogers. She is on the autism spectrum and has also been diagnosed with ADHD, but you wouldn't be able to guess any of that when she takes the stage.

NBC News/ Rogers Family

The young girl has been singing at home since she was three years old, but she didn't really start to sing publicly until her music teacher, Lloyd Scates, started encouraging her to do so.

"Her voice is absolutely fantastic, she's just fantastic," Scates told NBC News. "We work as a team. Anytime I play the piano, she sings."

Kaylee attends Killard House School, a special needs school in Northern Ireland, and she's a member of the choir there. The choir often does renditions of classic songs, so one holiday season, they decided to pay homage to the late Leonard Cohen, and perform what is arguably his most popular song, "Hallelujah."

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