Glen Campbell's Family Share Heartbreaking Update About His Health

Country music legend broke the hearts of many when he revealed his Alzheimer's disease in 2011.

His fans all around the world have been concerned about his well-being ever since and luckily his family has been very willing to share some details of his life with those who adore him.

On the occasion of his 81st birthday on April 22, Glen's wife, Kim Campbell gave a special update about the Rhinestone Cowboy crooner's health.

“Today, he is in late stage six or early stage seven (it’s hard to know exactly, as the stages overlap),” Kim wrote on the blog.

“Time and place are no longer perceptible to Glen; he lives completely in the moment and seems happy to be there. He laughs and giggles and sings little melodies all day, whether someone is there to hear them or not. I am actually quite inspired by his peace and contentment and am striving to find the same in my own life.”

According to Kim, Glen no longer recognizes people but he still has a lot of love to offer to everyone around him.

“My hope of him remembering me is realized only in the rare but powerful moments of lucidity that come and go like the wind in a cruel but cherished tease,” wrote Kim.

"There must be some magic to muscle memory because as I melt into his embrace, he sighs and squeezes me as if he knows I belong there and is trying to comfort me. I find incredible peace in these moments and I think he does too. Although Glen becomes more and more distant each day, it seems to me that the one thing people with dementia never lose is the ability to love and be loved,” she added.

Kim isn't the only member of the family that speaking out about Glen's state. His musician daughter, Ashley Campbell talked about her dad on a recent appearance on RFD-TV's "Country Family Reunion." She performed a biographical song Remembering about her relationship with her father.

Watch Ashley sing the touching tune in the clip below. There's no doubt that Glen is proud of the woman she became and all her accomplishments!