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GM Is Launching A Driverless Taxi Service In 2019

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The concept of a self-driving "robot car" is nothing new at this point. Google has offered the service in parts of California for some time now, and several other companies have begun their own research into self-driving cars guided by GPS satellites. However, GM is the first to announce something on this large of a scale.


According to The Verge, "GM says it will have a ride-sharing service featuring its line of self-driving Chevy Bolts ready to go by 2019. That would place the No. 1 US automaker ahead of its main rival Ford, which has said it plans to unveil its own self-driving car without pedals or a steering wheel by 2021."

The announcement was made during a call to the company's shareholders, and came as little surprise given the manufacturing giant recently allowed a large number of reporters and press to take a ride in the Bolts themselves. Clearly, the company thinks they're just about ready for the big time.


While the locations for the test run of the taxi service haven't been announced yet, it's very likely going to include San Francisco, since the Bolts are already active there, and New York City, where GM has said it plans to start testing in 2018.

Are you excited for GM's robot taxi service?

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