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You Can Now Have A Bowl Of Golden Girls Cereal For Breakfast

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The girls are back, but instead of them eating their hundredth batch of cheesecake, you'll have a chance to try a cereal version of the delicious dessert. (It hasn't been confirmed if the bright blue cereal is in fact supposed to be cheesecake flavored, but that's what some fans are saying).

If you have no idea what cheesecake has to do with anything, here's a fun fact for you:

The Golden Girls ran for only seven seasons, and the cast members consumed more than one hundred batches of cheesecake. Apparently, actress Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy Zbornak, despised the dessert.

Now for a limited-time only, you can purchase 'Golden Girls' cereal, and each box comes with a surprise inside!

Funko, a company that manufactures pop culture-inspired products, is honoring the beloved show by stocking up Target stores with this donut-shaped cereal.

The multigrain product started selling on Sept. 30 at select Target stores, costing fans nearly $8 a box. Nevertheless, these limited-edition tribute cereals have been flying off the shelves!

Social media users that spotted the special treat were quick to post photos online.

One Twitter user's wife hopped towns until she finally found the treat at a Target store.

Unfortunately, not all Target stores carry them, but some people have bought the cereal from lucky customers for a hefty price online.

One site was selling the Golden Girls cereal for $20 a box, and they're already sold out!

Some people's favorite part about this cereal box is finding a figurine of one of the four Golden Girls characters inside.

Isn't the Rose Nylund toy just adorable?!

But not everyone's excited about this oddly-colored breakfast cereal...

One user isn't even sure if the cereal actually is cheesecake flavored.

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Will you be looking for the 'Golden Girls' cereal?

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