Good Luck Sleeping Tonight: Ghost Attack Caught On Surveillance Camera [Video]

As long as there has been photography there have been ghost sightings. While most are just tricks of light or smudges on the camera, some are harder to explain.

Now that cameras, specifically closed circuit security cameras, are more common it makes sense that we're seeing some things that we aren't able to explain. With millions of hours of footage available it's almost surprising that supernatural events haven't been recorded more often.

One such recorded exists here, and it's enough to chill you to the core.


An office worker was staying late when the bizarre happenings started to occur. While her back was turned the chair behind her started to move on its own. She finally caught movement out of the corner of her eye, but wasn't able to catch the ghostly behavior in action.

When a water bottle went flying off the desk next to her you can see the worker get more and more concerned. No doubt by this time she was feeling like someone was watching her.

While these things are spooky in themselves, it's not until the end of the clip that things get truly frightening. Watch for yourself...if you're brave enough.