Answer These Questions And We'll Tell You If You're A Good Girlfriend/Wife


It's hard to know whether or not you're being a successful partner in a relationship. Of course, no one is perfect, and communication is key to any relationship, but there are some indicators that important to look for in a relationship.

These are some common relationship scenarios, and how you react to them says whether or not you're being a good girlfriend or wife.

1. You're going to the movies and there's one he really wants to see, but you don't want to. Do you...

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"Positive compromise" is settling for something that you can both agree on, even if it means you both have to change your mind. It's important to work together to come to a happy conclusion without resentment and anger.

2. How often do you thank your partner for his help around the house?


A study from the UK shows that women who do more chores around the house are more susceptible to health issues, whereas men aren't at risk. Ask for help around the house when you need it, and make sure your partner knows his work is appreciated.

3. You get in an argument and he apologizes, but you're still bothered. Do you...


Studies have shown that 65% of relationships, whether that's marriage or not, break up due to communication issues.

4. How often do you tell your partner you love him?


Most people recommend saying "I love you" to your partner every day, as it strengthens your bond and doesn't keep anyone second-guessing.

5.Your boyfriend's friends are coming over, and you know they're going to be up late even though you have to work tomorrow morning. Do you...


It's important when you're living together that you compromise with your partner. It's not just your space or his space. That being said, you should each respect each other's routines and schedules.

6. How do you react when your boyfriend makes plans without you?

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Spending a night apart doing your own thing is not the worst thing for your relationship. Studies have shown that doing things independent from your partner can actually make your bond stronger, as you have time to miss the other person.

7. You suspect something is bothering your boyfriend/husband but he hasn't said anything. Do you...

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43% of relationships end due to the inability to resolve conflict. Having a conversation about issues you are experiencing allows for open communication and a clear sense of what is going on.

8. How frequently do you see his family?

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Spending time with each other's family is important, and can actually help make your relationship stronger. Studies have shown that by spending time with your partner's family, you feel more connected to them because you see a different side of them.

9. You and your partner share your money, but you notice that he's been spending a lot lately and it bothers you. Do you...


Co-mingling finances is a tough situation to navigate, and it ultimately comes down to each couple's specific needs. That being said, no one should have to feel uncomfortable due to their partner's spending habits, especially if it begins to affect bills getting paid, etc.

10. How often do you get jealous of other people's relationships?


Some people think jealousy signifies a strong connection, because your partner is worried about losing you, but this is not the case.

"[Chronic jealousy] is not a positive sign for the relationship," says Dr. Laura Papp. "It might be tempting to think that someone is more interested in you, or cares for you more, because they express more jealousy or possessive behavior. But jealousy really is a negative sign of insecurity in the relationship."

Were your answers in line with the majority?

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