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Grace Kelly's 19-Year-Old Granddaughter Is Her Doppelganger

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Hollywood icon-turned-princess Grace Kelly never got the chance to meet her grandchildren, but she's passed on her timeless beauty and charm onto them, especially when it comes to 19-year-old Camille Gottlieb.


Camille, who is the daughter of Kelly's youngest child, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, and former palace guard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, has been attracting a lot of attention lately for her striking resemblance to her grandmother.

Since Camille's parents had her out of wedlock, she'll never ascend to the throne, and it doesn't seem like she'll be following in her grandmother's footsteps as an actress, but that didn't keep her away from the limelight.


Over the years, the she's made public appearances alongside her mother, but it wasn't until recently that she took to social media to share photos of herself and her uncanny resemblance to Kelly is impossible to ignore.

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