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A Simple Mistake Cost A Grandpa $1 Million On Wheel Of Fortune


It's easy to sit at home on your sofa and say "I could have gotten that question right," but under the bright lights of a game show's stage it's a different story.

Laurel and her grandfather Frank found that out the hard way while competing on Wheel of Fortune this week. The show was in Disney World for a special "Grandparents Week," but even after putting their heads together, Laurel and Frank couldn't solve the final puzzle. And that's a shame, because it was worth $1 million.


Since the show introduced its huge $1 million prize in 2008, just three contestants have manged to win it. To earn the top prize, a contestant needs to collect the $1 million wedge, solve the puzzle it comes on, and land on the $1 million space during their spin in the Bonus Round.

And while all that takes good luck, it can seem like the $1 million wedge is actually a curse. A contestant lost his after solving - but mispronouncing - "CORNER CURIO CABINET."

In another case of bad luck, an Indiana University student blew a puzzle he had already solved by mispronouncing "Achilles." That slip of the tongue lost him $1 million, a car, and a trip to London.

But those clips don't compare to the heartbreak we felt watching Frank miss his chance at $1 million. Let's see if you can solve his puzzle:


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Let's see if you would have left the studio $1 million richer if you were in Frank's shoes:

That's right, "baked" instead of "fried" was the difference between winning a cool million and just $26,203. It looked like Frank was about to collapse into his granddaughter's arms as Pat revealed they had landed on the million. At least these two will have an exciting story to tell about the time they almost became millionaires.

Sometimes there's no telling whether a contestants will be able to pull out the right answer when it counts. When Wheel contestant Emil de Leon managed to pull "NEW BABY BUGGY" out of nowhere, he stunned America, including past million dollar winners.

Autumn Erhard, who became the second contestant to win $1 million on the show, admits that she couldn't come up with the right answer while sitting at home. "I did not solve it when he did," she said, "I don't know if I could have with more time."

It goes to show that Wheel is one game show you just can't predict.

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