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Couple's Pregnancy Announcement Doesn't Go According To Plan, Now Grandma's Reaction Is Going Viral

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There is such thing as being too clever for your own good, and Shantelle and Wesley Dozier learned that the hard way.

The couple have been together for 15 years, and were trying on and off to have a baby almost the entire time. After trying their fourth round of fertility treatments, the couple were almost ready to give up.

“We thought that that was it, it was our fourth try, we were going to be done," Shantelle told People. "We were throwing in the towel, and we thought we were never going to be parents."

Shantelle Dozier

But against all odds, the couple were blessed with not one but two children, as Shantelle learned she was pregnant with twins.

“I was expecting that it was never going to happen, and now to finally know we’re going to have our own family, it still feels unreal," she said.

Of course after all the hoping, wishing, and waiting, the couple wanted to come up with the perfect way to break the news to Wesley's mother Cynthia.

Soon-to-be grandma Cynthia took a while to catch on.Shantelle Dozier / Facebook

But their idea for an announcement "prank" proved a little too complicated for the new grandma, and her reaction had the whole family in tears of laughter.

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