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Hallmark Movies Inspire Grandma To Do Something Special This Christmas

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David T. Foster III

"There’s really no place to go out and meet quality people," she said. "You can’t just find someone in a bar. But I haven’t really been going out, so I should probably get out there since they’re probably not going to come knocking on the door!"

While Sutherland has already received plenty of messages, she has thought about contacting the Steve Harvey Show to have her own segment, "fixing up a grandma."

"I would love just to be happy," Sutherland said. "I don’t know if I would ever get married again, but I would just like to have somebody to enjoy life with and maybe help me retire from my job!"

So far Sutherland has found three potential suitors, but doesn’t think any of them are "Mr. Right."

"The three possibilities aren’t anybody I would actually meet," she said. "They’re all younger, too young! One was 25. That’s not what I was after, so I probably should have put my age in the message!"

To become Sutherland’s boyfriend, potential suitors must be honest, enjoy her company and be at least 55-years-old. Sutherland describes herself as a huge Carolina Panthers fan, someone who loves outdoor adventures and enjoys "all the good things in life."

"I would love to have that fairytale ending, and sometime in my life, I would like to see the happiness that you’re supposed to have - I never really have had that," she says. "I would like, once in my lifetime, to have that feeling. I would like to have that guy on a white horse to come rescue me, just like in Pretty Woman!"

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