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80-Year-Old Grandmother Saves Man From Thieving Scooter Gang

Evening Standard

An 80-year-old grandmother saved a man from an attempted robbery after she saw a scooter gang chase after him.

Rosemary Bodger, who had been doing her grocery shopping in Crouch End, England intervened in the bike jacking by trying to yank the scooter away while the would-be thieves were scuffling with their victim, the Evening Standard reported.

It wouldn't be long until a businessman in a suit came to their defense, along with two construction workers who ran after the culprits while brandishing copper poles in their hands.

"I didn’t think twice. I don’t run away. I was in the Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service) and I thought “no way are they having that!”

"I saw this man being chased right near me and I thought “oh crumbs I better do something. I started shouting 'police!' as loud as I could. I wanted to stop them moving it, they would have had to run over me to get it away," she added.

The scooter's owner, Stefan Cooper, said he noticed the two men following him, but didn't realize he was in danger until he heard them yelling, "give me your keys!"

"They were trying to kick me off and managed to grab my keys out of the ignition as I was still moving. It was very dangerous and I’m shaken up,"Cooper said. "It’s sad that people have to take the law into their own hands but I’m so grateful."

When Bodger’s husband Hugh was told about the incident, he said he wasn't "suprised at all" by his wife's heroics.

"That’s what she is like, it’s her Scottish side coming out. Her aunt warned me on our wedding day ‘the Robinsons are fierce when roused,'" he said.

While Bodger's proud of standing up to the budding thieves, she said she wouldn't call herself a hero.

"I’m very impressed with how Crouch End reacted. There were suddenly lots of young men charging towards them taking them on," Bodger said. "As soon as they saw they didn’t have a chance they scarpered like scared, little boys."

"I don’t think I’m a hero, I just want these two caught - I can’t have them snatching phones off my grandkids," she said.

While a spokesperson for Scotland Yard said the case is currently under investigations, no arrests have yet been made.

Would you have stepped in if you noticed a robbery taking place?

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