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20 Babies Who Have Decided To Dress Just Like Grandma And Grandpa For Halloween

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Babies can't do much when they are little, but they are capable of rocking an amazing Halloween costume. If their parents are creative enough, they end up with the best costume imaginable. The funniest trend that has been going around is dressing up babies like elderly people.

They get to wear outfits just like grandma and grandpa, often accompanied by a walker, grey wig and even some pearls. The costumes are amazing, and if you need a last minute idea for your baby this is probably the best choice.

Matching outfits make for double the cuteness

Or you could go with an iconic figure as your inspiration

While everyone else dresses up like Little Red Riding Hood, but what about dressing up as the Granny?

It helps if you have a real walker to use

Or you can always make your own

They always look so calm

If a walker is too much of a burden, you could always use a cane instead

Don't forget the important granny-scarf

The pearls on the glasses are a nice touch

Complete with the little pills caddy!

These aren't the only classy kids out there, there are still so many more...

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