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Spoiling Your Grandkids Could Give Them Cancer

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Grandparents love spoiling their grandkids, there's no question about that. It's an opportunity to bond and make life-lasting memories.

I remember all the baking I got to do with both my grandmothers and how I always felt so special when they let me help them. I remember my Grandpa and I on the beach while on vacation in Florida, and I still laugh when I think of the stories my Grampy tells.

Me and my Grandpa walking through a corn maze. Personal Photos

A new study shows, however, that the more spoiled grandkids are, the higher their risk of getting cancer later in life. And no, this isn't an excuse that parents are making to avoid travelling or seeing their in-laws. The University of Glasgow, the University of Edinburgh, the National Health Service, and the Uiversity of Stirling all collaborated to find out the link between spoiled grandkids and their likelihood of developing cancer.

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