Green Screen Grandma Goes Viral, And We're All Loving It


Tatiana Subbotina is not your typical 61-year-old grandma. The native Russian refuses to fall behind the times, and is currently making a name for herself on YouTube using her spectacular skills with a "green screen".


For those of you that don't know, green screens are used to lay special effects onto a background - think about your local meteorologist standing in front of that weather screen on the nightly news.

Subbotina has been making videos for about four years, and she has become quite popular through her YouTube channel. Imagine that for one moment, your grandma is suddenly a popular internet sensation, yet you barely have anything resembling an Instagram following. Subbotina is showing grandparents everywhere that it is never to late to learn about what the "kids" are doing, and do it better than they do.

Billion feeds

Her videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and they include some truly epic performances and special effects. So far she has done such things as:

Tight Rope Walking

Flying With Help Of A Wing-suit

Driving A Convertible Off-Road Fury Style

Her absolutely stunning exploits don't end there...

Swimming that close to whales in the open ocean must have been pretty cool as well.


But I think my favorite of all of Subbotina's adventures so far must be her magic carpet ride. "I can show you the world..."

I am truly excited to see what this young-at-heart grandmother is going to come out with next. Check out her YouTube channel (link on page one) to see for yourself.