'Grey's Anatomy' Will Have A "Groundbreaking" Storyline With A New Character

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Grey's Anatomy, the show where we're constantly wondering who is next to fall in love and worried about who is going to die next, has become considerably more progressive every year.

Whether these storylines are shocking or predictable, it's a step in a new direction for the show, and it's going to continue to have more "groundbreaking" plots.

The 14th season of the ABC medical drama is a great example of this. If you've been watching the latest season, you've seen the episode where Casey, an intern played by Alex Blue Davis, a trans actor, revealed his true gender identity to his co-workers.

"I've been waiting for a moment like this on TV my whole life. I am so honored I got to say that line on TV because it's a long time coming," Davis told THR after the episode.

This reveal came right after Casey saved Grey Sloan Memorial from a hacker who was putting the health of patients in jeopardy by manipulating computer and air conditioning systems.

"We wanted the audience to get to know this character before they knew his private medical information; we wanted his disclosure to not feel like an 'A-ha!' shock but a genuine unfolding of this character's truth when he felt safe with someone," Showrunner Krista Vernoff told The Hollywood Reporter.

If you loved the first part of season 14, you're going to love the rest with this new character the show is introducing...

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