"Grey's Anatomy" Announces Groundbreaking Casting For Upcoming Season

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"Grey's Anatomy" Announces Groundbreaking Casting For Upcoming Season


For 14 years, Grey's Anatomy has been a must-watch show in millions of American homes.

Fans fell in love with the medical drama, and while the cast has drastically changed throughout the series, we can't help but fall in love with every new character introduced.

In 2015, Patrick Dempsey left his iconic role as Dr. Derek Shepard, and while it was speculated he got the boot from the show's creator Shonda Rhimes, he said in an interview with The I Paper that it was actually his decision to move on.

"Look, 10 years is a long time to be on any show. It's very hard to keep the storylines intriguing, especially on a network show with 25 episodes a year. So for me, it was time to go... it's nice to move on and have new challenges," Dempsey said, adding he wouldn't be returning to the series any time soon.

"But even after almost four years, fans have been hoping for a surprise return," he continued. "They want me to come back to the show which, given what happened to Derek, is really quite funny."

Earlier this year we cried in unison when we learned Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw wouldn't be returning for the show's 15th season, as we couldn't understand why their beloved characters would be leaving.

"I was told that the show had too many characters and that they needed to downsize because they couldn't service all of the characters effectively," Drew said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"They didn't want any of us to be left in the background and not getting much of a story. Because there were so many series regulars, they needed to downsize and to find some characters that they felt like they could tie up their stories well."

It had many of us scratching our heads when ABC announced they would be adding Chris Carmack, known for his work on Nashville and The O.C. to the line-up.

The 37-year-old will be have an recurring role as an "ortho God," but the network has yet to release his character's name.

Kim Raver, who previously appeared on the show as Dr. Owen Hunt's love interest, Dr. Teddy Altman, will be reprising her role as a recurring character as well.

While we don't know many details on the show's upcoming storylines, it's assumed Raver will have her fair share of airtime, following the 14th season cliffhanger, where her character admitted to being pregnant.

But Carmack and Raver won't be the only additions, as TV Line announced the series be introducing a new, groundbreaking character.

Newcomer Alex Landi will be playing the character of Dr. Nico Kim, Grey Sloan Memorial's first ever gay male surgeon.

While there have been plenty of LGBT characters, such as lesbian and bisexual leads and a few gay patients, this is the first time there will be a gay series regular on the program.

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