Guess Who Just Adopted This Adorable Rescue Pup?

Who doesn't love a good feel good story about dogs? If you don't like hearing about that, well then what's wrong with you?

Love Leo Rescue, a shelter based out of Los Angeles, posted about a recent rescue on their Instagram page and it's getting a lot of (well deserved) attention!

Little Mojito, a rescue chug (chihuahua-pig mix), will now be living a life of love and luxury thanks to one movie, TV, and pop star.

Hilary Duff took Mojito home and she could not be more excited!

The shelter calls this a win for black dogs everywhere, as evidence shows black dogs and cars are statistically less likely to be adopted because of their color. People assume black pets are either bad luck or somehow more 'dangerous' so they are often left behind.

As for Mojito, he's currently in the market for a new name.


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Momo seems to have been the winner! A cute name for a cute dog.

No words. #momo ❤️💔❤️💔

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Momo doesn't know my dress is @themarcjacobs 😳 @youngertv #season4

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Duff is no stranger to having dogs around the house. She's a known advocate for adopting rescues, so it's no surprise she's taken Momo in to her house!

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