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Here's The Right Way To Get Gum Out Of Clothes, Hair, And Everything Else


We were all kids once, and remember wanting to tease our friends by pretending to put bubble gum in their hair at recess. Heck, me and my friend once had a prank war with chewing gum that ended in two ruined T-shirts. Or so we thought.

Turns out, there's a way to remove that stuck on mess from any sort of material. So put down the scissors and don't throw out those shirts! Here's the foolproof way to get-it-done.


First, grab an ice cube and apply pressure around the stuck-on gum. You'll want to freeze it in order for it to harden and make it easy to remove as one piece.

If you find that it is still fairly bonded to the the article of clothing, then use some full-strength white vinegar to chemically soften the bottom while the rest stays firmly together. Scrape off the remaining gum after this.

But what about other fabrics and (God forbid) our hair?!


Got kids? Then get ready, because this is bound to happen at least once in their childhood. Don't despair though! Follow the same steps as before, only you may want to use a dry-cleaning solvent if the material is of a high quality.

Clothes Dryer

Ugh. Getting gum strewn across the dryer sucks, but hopefully all your clothes weren't ruined in the process. In order to get it off the sides, put several old towels in and let it run on warm for several minutes.

Next, make a mixture of water and a tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent that resembles a thick paste and scrub the sides using a cloth. You should also run it on empty at least once before your next load.


Oh dear. It finally happened. Everyone's worst nightmare, but instead of shaving your head try this weird trick.

Take a spoonful of peanut butter and coat the gum in it. I know it sounds strange, but the fats and the oils actually break down the gum and should make it easy to remove afterwards!

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