Cop Serves Up Karma To Rude Motorist

There's a lot of things that tick us off on the road, but one thing stands above all the rest. You're in a lane that's backed up, waiting patiently in line when you see a car zip ahead in a different lane. Then that car that just skipped dozens of cars ahead tries to squeeze themselves into the line.

So frustrating!

If that's happened to you then this video is probably going to make you feel pretty good, because that exact same scenario unfolded on video, but with a happy end...well happy for everyone else in line.

This dashboard video shows a driver cruising along, passing dozens of cars that are lined up to get off the highway. Perfectly normal until the driver gets well past the exit lane and cuts into the line, passing the solid line "no-zone" in the process.

He thinks he just saved himself some time, but then a state trooper jumps out of her car, just a few cars ahead of where the driver butt in, and flags him down.

"Wow," he says, as if he didn't clearly just break the law.

It ends with her telling him he can't cross solid white lines, and you just know he's going to be getting a hefty fine.

I know it's not nice to take delight in other people's misfortune, but this driver brought it on themselves!

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