Gymnast's Routine Earned A Perfect 10, Now The World Can't Stop Watching It

UCLA Gymnastics - Twitter

Gymnastics isn't one of the sports that most Americans obsess over - except for once every four years, when we join together to cheer on our Olympic team.

But a viral floor routine by a UCLA gymnast has made the entire country stop and watch. And her judges were just as impressed, because gymnast Katelyn Ohashi earned a perfect 10 for her performance.

UCLA Gymnastics uploaded a video of Ohashi's show-stopping routine on Twitter just two days ago, but it has already been watched more than 33 million times.

In the viral video, Ohashi flips, spins, and shows off her dance moves in a routine set to a medley of songs featuring Earth Wind & Fire and Michael Jackson.

For the record, while the gymnast makes everything look easy, her coach called the routine "ridiculously hard."

But perfectionist Ohashi actually found a misstep in her flawless performance, telling fans on Twitter that she still has to learn "how to clap on the beat."

The story behind Ohashi's routine makes it even more impressive:

As The Los Angeles Times reported, Ohashi helped bring home an NCAA title for UCLA last year after recovering from a car accident.

The gymnast has also gained attention for speaking out about the body image issues facing women in gymnastics.

"I've been told I looked like I swallowed an elephant or a pig, whichever was more fitting that day," she wrote on her blog Behind the Madness. "I was compared to a bird that was too fat to lift itself off the ground."

Katelyn Ohashi
Ohashi has earned a perfect 10 score from judges six times in her college career.Katelyn Ohashi - Twitter

Sadly, we likely won't ever get to see Ohashi compete in the Olympics. She decided earlier in her career to focus on competing in college instead, after suffering a number of painful injuries.

But she's still dominating the sport at her level. Her most recent perfect score is actually the sixth time Ohashi has nabbed a 10.

If you're dying to see more of Ohashi's gymnastics skills, here's another one of her routines from last year's PAC-12 championships  also set to Michael Jackson.

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