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10 Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

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It's easy to get worked up over the small stuff. Those stains in your home, the sticky surfaces, your bad hair day, minor cuts on your body, all these little things are super annoying and instead of waiting until everything works itself out, there are some simple hacks that can fix all your issues in a matter of a few minutes!

Here are 10 hacks that will make you feel like a genius, but don't forget to pass on the advice!

1. Remove sticky substances with shaving cream.

Have you ever had a sticky substance spill all over your skin? Instead of hopping into the shower and scrubbing your skin to the bone, apply shaving cream to loosen and remove the substance. The moisturizing powers of the cream will leave some residue that you can wipe off after.  

2. Fix out-of-control hair with rubbing alcohol.

If your bed hair is out of this world, gently comb rubbing alcohol though your tangled hair. Make sure you don't do this often though, or else you will damage your hair.

3. Remove stubborn stains with hydrogen peroxide.

Blood, wine, and grease stains can be easily removed with the use of hydrogen peroxide. The chemical compound mixed with some non-gel toothpaste will remove the stain, and then rinsing with water will bring your beloved item back to life.

4. Put your silica gels in the right places.

The packaging on silica gels tells you to throw them away, but you'd actually be better off not to. Put them any place you don't want moisture damage, like instrument cases or bathroom drawers.

5. Remove stickers on any surface using a hair dryer.

Whether it's adhesive tape, a bumper sticker, or a price tag on a product, heat it with a hair dryer for 1-2 minutes and the sticky substance will come right off.

6. Absorb unwanted odors with coffee grounds.

Next time you brew coffee, save the grounds. Coffee grounds have strong odors that can neutralize other powerful smells like garlic, onions, and urine.

7.  Super Glue your minor wounds.

I know what you're thinking, Super Glue is for things, not people, and that's true, but have you ever tried applying the product on heel cracks or minor cuts? It works wonders! Soldiers in the Vietnam War discovered its wound-sealing miracles when medics glued wounds before troops were taken into surgery.

8. Soak your rusty items and they'll be good as new.

If some of your products have too much rust buildup, there's no need for you to throw it out. Soak it overnight in vinegar and salt.

9. Heal paper cuts with ChapStick.

You're not going to stop blood from gushing by applying a lip moisturizer to your wound, but you can definitely mitigate the pain by rubbing ChapStick on the area of your skin you got cut.

10. Use tampons to stop the bleeding.

Placing a tampon in your nose when you're having a nosebleed is the perfect way to staunch the flow. It may seem strange, but it's super effective!

Can you think of any other hacks that have made your day-to-day life easier?

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