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10 Warm And Cozy Hacks To Not Freeze This Winter

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This winter has been a pain in everyone's frozen behind!

Temperatures have plummeted to record-breaking lows and your energy bills have risen to record-breaking highs.

Here are 10 hacks to get you feeling more cozy and warm this winter, without having to spend more money on your heating bill.

1. Flip the switch on your ceiling fan.

Most people think fans only serve a purpose in the summer, but they do have benefits during the cold season. Many ceiling fans have a switch that allows people to change the rotation of the blades. Flip the switch so that the blades turn clockwise to push warm air from the ceiling down to the ground. You'll be using less of your heating unit if you turn your fan on often.

2. Close room doors when not in use.  

Not only will this allow your rooms to warm up faster, you'll also be saving money on energy bills because you're using less energy to heat a small space.

3. Block the wind/cold using a pool noodle.

Those who live in apartments dread the cool breeze that rushes underneath their main door. Instead of stuffing a carpet or a makeshift draft blocker that barely works, use a pool noodle to block that unwanted air current.

4. Trick your thermostat to turn the heat on.

If you've got a thermostat that only turns the heat on when it reaches a certain temperature, you'll want to remember this trick. Put something frozen on top of the thermostat and your house will start getting warmer in no time.

Keep going to learn how you can keep warm this winter without spending too much money on electricity bills!

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