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The Benefits To Brushing Your Hair, And How To Do It Properly

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When I was growing up, my mom used to tell me that I had to brush my hair 100 times every night in order for it to be beautiful and shiny. Of course, I only hit about 10 strokes each day before I gave up. Give me a break, I was a kid!

Even though 100 strokes my be a bit of a stretch, there are still amazing benefits to brushing your hair everyday. There's also a right way to do it!

These are some of the benefits:

1. It prevents hair loss

Brushing your hair frequently can help prevent hair loss in the future. When you brush, you are stimulating the capillaries on your head, which helps increase blood circulation.

This in turns carries oxygen to your hair roots, which helps strengthen your hair and retain oils in your sebaceous gland.

An imbalanced sebaceous gland is often blamed for hair loss, as over- or underproduction can weaken the scalp.

2. It strengthens and conditions your hair

When you brush your hair, you're redistributing the natural oils which helps keep your locks strong and shiny! It also prevents your hair from drying out, as the oils help retain natural moisture.

3. It cleans it

Believe it or not, brushing your hair is almost like using a dry shampoo. You're eliminating dirt and waste particles that end up on your scalp or trapped in your hair, giving you a naturally clean look without having to wash it!

This saves time when you're in a hurry, or for those people who don't like washing their hair every day.

4. It makes it shiny

Those natural oils keep your hair looking sleek and shiny all day long, which is always a win.

But believe it or not, there are ways to properly brush your hair. And yes, you might be doing it wrong.

1. Use the right brush

By using a naturally-bristled brush, such as board bristles, you are making sure your hair is being softly treated, and distributing the oils evenly.  

2. Position yourself properly

Sounds weird, right? But there actually is a proper way to stand when brushing your hair. Bend at your waist as far down as you can. The more blood that flows to your head, the more stimulated those capillaries will be.

Brush starting from the ends, moving up to the base of your scalp. Do this for three to five minutes, then stand up and repeat the process.

3. De-tangle first

Many people think that brushing your hair is the same as de-tangling it, but this is not the case.

Using a brush to de-tangle your hair can cause breakage and rip out more hair than necessary. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to de-tangle any knots, then run a brush through it.

4. Brush frequently

While you don't want to wash your hair a lot because it can get rid of the natural oils, you want to brush your hair about three times a day.

Brushing in the morning, early afternoon, and right before you go to bed can keep your hair clean and avoid any scalp irritation.

5. Massage, too

When you brush your hair, it's probably a quick run through and then out the door. However, you should be massaging you scalp in addition to that three to five minute routine.

The massage can stimulate blood flow to your roots and encourage the sebaceous glands to work efficiently. As we've already learned, this will then help with hair loss down the road.

6. Know your hair

Of course, if you're like me, you have curly hair and can't always brush it on the regular. But that means it's more important to properly brush when you do get around it to.

Brushing before bed is a great option, or right before you get in the shower.

Are you brushing properly?

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