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Having Hairy Nipples Could Be A Sign Of Serious Health Concerns

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Mount Sinai Medical Center

Like it or not, having body hair is an irrefutable part of life.

Sure you can shave or wax it off, but even if the hair's not as coarse or as thick, it'll still come back as prickly as ever.

Humans, like animals, have body hair for a reason (and it's not related to style).

For instance, having body hair provides a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasions and injuries, and gives us protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens. When how hair stands up in the cold, it's in order to trap more heat close to our bodies.

Despite the sound reasoning, most of us still have negative feelings towards the unwanted follicles, especially if the hair's significantly prominent in the nipple area.

According to The Sun, the amount of hair surrounding your nipples is mainly due to hormonal changes or imbalances in your body, which can be due to an increase in the male sex hormone testosterone. This can occur when a woman enters menopause, because estrogen levels tend to drop.

However, if you notice your nipples are hairier than normal (if you compare it with your friends, we won't judge), it could be a sign of a serious health concern.

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