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The "Half-Ton Killer" Was Accused Of Murder, But Now She Looks Totally Different

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Extreme obesity is nothing to joke about, and people are learning more and more about the dangers of over-eating. Shows like My 600lb Life have opened the eyes of many people who otherwise may not have known the struggles these people are dealing with.

Though Mayra Rosales may not have appeared on that show, she still made headlines after her show Half-Ton Killer aired on television. People were fascinated with her weight, which at the time was 1,000lbs, and her murder accusation.


Yep, you read that right. Rosales was accused of murder and was on trial, where she could have faced the death penalty.

So how did she end up there?

The Murder

In 2008, Mayra Rosales's nephew, Eliseo, was found dead. He was just two years old at the time, and it was clear he had been murdered. Rosales confessed to the murder, saying she had accidentally rolled over on top of him on her bed and crushed him. Considering she weighed 1,000lbs, the story was not totally impossible.

"I used to take up a whole king-size bed," she said. "I couldn't even stand up on my feet. My legs couldn't hold my weight."

Rosales was charged with capital murder, and she earned the nickname "half-ton killer." Her case was well-publicized, as her size made everything more magnified. She was so large that she had to be cut out of her home to attend court, and the only way to transport her was in a moving van. Knowing that they couldn't transport her every day, Rosales's attorney bought a king-size mattress for his client to live on inside the courtroom.


Even though Rosales confessed to the murder, she was still on trial for the crime, where a jury would decide whether or not she was to receive the death penalty. Despite the confession, however, Rosales's attorney never believed she killed her nephew. The trial was ongoing for months, and it wasn't until autopsy results revealed Eliseo's cause of death that the prosecution also started to doubt the "half-ton killer's" confession.

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