A Hallmark Movie Drinking Game Is A Hilarious Way To Spend Christmas Hung Over

Christmas is here! We're full of joy, love and anxiety. That means it's a great time to cuddle up with someone and watch some classic Christmas movies. It's also a great time to cuddle up and watch some really cheesy brand new Christmas movies!

Hallmark has been producing dozens and dozens of new holiday films every year and, well, they usually aren't great.

I admit, I'll watch them, it's fun to see a silly rom-com play out in 90 minutes and it gives me a much needed break from gift shopping and cookie baking.

An ingenious woman from Texas has found the best way to enjoy these cheesy yuletide specials: drinking.

She's developed a hilarious drinking game that is so accurate you have to smile at Hallmark's formula for movie magic.

"We invented a drinking game that works with any of them," Brittany Graves writes in her Facebook post. "My hubby actually watches with me now lol."

Before my first drink, I'm going to raise a glass to Brittany because this is awesome.

Here are the rules so you can play at home (but hopefully not alone):

You take one sip every time a character:

  • References a dead relative
  • A main character's name is related to Christmas (like Holly, or Nick, or Chris, or Cringle)
  • A character insults fake Christmas trees
  • A newcomer partakes in an old town tradition
  • Someone drinks hot chocolate or apple cider
  • Two characters almost kiss
  • Obvious product-placement advertising
  • Snowball fight/ice skating
  • Ugly sweater or tie appears on screen
  • A "big city" person moves to a small town
  • There is a Christmas carol, tree farm or cookies being baked
  • Mistletoe (of course)
  • Someone makes a deal with magic Santa or an angel
  • You hear bells
  • Characters get snowed in together (my eyebrows are waggling)

I have seen more than a few of these movies and I assure you, you'll want to take tiny sips if you want to make it to the end of the movie.

Here are more rules for an even bigger challenge:

  • Finish your drink if a Christmas cynic becomes imbued with the spirit of Christmas
  • If it starts snowing on Christmas Day

Do yourself a favor and pour a glass of water after this is all done!

Hallmark announced nearly 40 new Christmas movies this year so you'll have more than one shot to play this game.

Happy Holidays!

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