Hallmark Has A New Radio Channel, And Of Course They Only Play Christmas Music


Hallmark Has A New Radio Channel, And Of Course They Only Play Christmas Music

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Are you beginning to feel the Christmas spirit yet? The Hallmark Channel definitely is.

Along with a fresh batch of 37 new Christmas movies, the network is branching out this year to spread even more Christmas cheer.

And if you love listening to Christmas music, you're in luck.

Hallmark Christmas on the radio, 24/7.

Hallmark Radio Christmas
Candace Cameron Bure is the host of Hallmark's new Christmas music radio channel.Jeremy Lee - Hallmark

Starting November 1st, SiriusXM subscribers can tune into Hallmark Channel Radio on channel 70.

(Even if you're not signed up for SiriusXM, you can listen for free on their website or by using the SiriusXM app.)

If November sounds a little early for Christmas music, remember that the channel's Christmas Countdown begins in October this year, with the premiere of Christmas at Pemberley Manor on October 27.

Hallmark's new radio channel promises both classic Christmas carols and modern favorites, playing 24/7 with a very special host.

Candace Cameron Bure LeAnn Rimes
Bure will be joined by celebrity guests like LeAnn Rimes to discuss their Christmas movies.Crown Media

Candace Cameron Bure, the star of Full House and countless Hallmark Christmas movies, will be the voice of the new radio channel, and of course she's perfect for the job.

But she's not the only celebrity who will make an appearance on Hallmark Channel Radio.

Stars of this year's Christmas Countdown movies, including LeAnn Rimes, Holly Robinson Peete, Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar, and Kellie Pickler will also stop by the studio for behind-the-scenes interviews.

When is too early for Christmas music?

If you're not already in the mood for Christmas music, consider waiting until it gets closer to the big day before listening to Christmas tunes.

Christmas music
When do you start listening to Christmas music?Jill111 - Pexels

One mental health expert warns that excessive Christmas cheer can actually stress you out, especially when the Christmas music starts earlier each year.

"People working in the shops at Christmas have to tune out Christmas music because if they don't, it really does stop you from being able to focus on anything else," clinical psychologist Linda Blair warned Sky News.

While Christmas is jolly and merry for some, the bills and extra planning can also feel stressful, and cheery Christmas music only makes some people feel worse.

"You're simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you're hearing," said Blair.

But, of course, if you actually enjoy Christmas music, then there's no downside to listening to it at any time of year!

Will you tune in to Hallmark Channel Radio this year?

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