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This Little Girl Doesn't Let Her Wheelchair Get In The Way Of Her Style

Hazel the pug is proving that you don't need the use of four legs to look badass.

Her owner got her when she was just a puppy, but right away she showed signs of being sassy and assertive.

"From the very first day we had her she was a clown, a character and the boss of our 5-year-old yellow Lab," Chris Pucillo, Hazel's owner, told The Dodo. "She totally captured our hearts."

Hazel is now a senior at 15 years old, but her big personality and determination showed through when the vet discovered she had disc degeneration in her back. Her owner said she'd "wobble" in a cute but concerning way when she walked. While the pug wasn't in any pain, it became increasingly difficult for her to get around.


Pucillo decided to get Hazel something extra special: a custom set of wheels! They visited Eddie's Wheels together and came home with a special doggy wheelchair.

"She took to it immediately," Pucillo said. "The day she took a test drive on a sample, you can see the appreciation, the relief and the happiness on her face. I cannot say enough good things about Eddie's Wheels and the extension and improvement of her life thanks to them."

While Hazel was enjoying her newfound mobility, her owner had another surprise for the pug. Her wheelchair afforded the perfect opportunity for decorate and dress-up!

Hazel loved the extra pampering and happily traipsed around dressed like America's number one fan, a Superbowl mascot, and bike messenger. Pucillo even dressed her up as a piñata for Halloween! It's the most adorable thing ever and you have to see it!


Hazel may have lost the the use of her legs, but she remains positive and determined to look fabulous and wheel herself around the house...when she's not napping, that is!

"She sure can motor around on her wheelchair, and it is now merely an extension of her true self," Pucillo said. "Hazel has been a such a wonderful pet and companion, and, while loving her life, she has brought so much joy into so many of our lives as well."

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