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Fans Of Hank Williams Will Get Chills When They Hear His Grandson

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Hank Williams Sr. is regarded as one of the most influential American singers and songwriters of the 20th century. He marked his legacy in the '40s and '50s with smash hits like "Lovesick Blues," "Why Don't You Love Me," and "I Just Don't Like This Kind of Living."

"The King of Country Music" passed away in the early '50s from heart failure, but left a son, Hank Williams Jr, that would follow in his footsteps.

To many fans' dismay, the country legend's son looked and sounded nothing like himself.

Listen to Williams Jr.'s song "Country Boys Can Survive" and compare it to the video we're going to show you of his father next.

Williams Sr.'s voice in "Moanin' the Blues" sounds completely different.

What's fascinating is that Williams Jr.'s son is like a replica of his grandfather!

During a Hank Williams Sr. tribute performance at the Grand Ole Opry, Hank Williams III stunned the crowd. It was as if the beloved country singer came back to life.

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