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The 'Happiest Dog' Has Lost His Tail After Wagging It Too Much

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STV / IBTimes UK

If you have a dog, you know how crazy excited they can get over the most mundane things, like you returning home every day, or even the mention of a W-A-L-K. They frantically run around and, of course, wag their little tails in the universal sign for dog-glee!

But tragically, this can go too far. That was the case for Buster, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Scotland. The happy-go-lucky pup had been with the SPCA for two years, and was known by his carers as an overjoyed member of their shelter for pets looking for a forever home.

Unfortunately, his high energy levels, and cheerful demeanor did not mix too well. After some time, his violent outbursts of rump wagging took their toll and Buster needed to have his tail amputated because of the damage.

Our hearts were broken when we heard the news, however, there was an amazing stroke of luck coming to this poor pups future!

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