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22 Happy Images To Look At To Start Your Day Off Right

Getting out of bed in the morning can be tricky, especially if you know you have a long day ahead of you. But there are some great ways to pump yourself up in the morning to get ready to go, and one of those is looking at cute and hilarious pictures.

We've gone ahead and found the perfect combination of funny photos and adorable animal pictures which is sure to brighten your day, and boost you more than a cup of coffee.

1. This pupper, who knows his manners!

2. This duck, who is just trying to fit in with the locals

3. This dog, whose ears are better than everything

4. This kitten, whose little paws will make you swoon

5. Or this tiny alligator getting pets

6. This dog, trying to catch a ball and doing his best

7. And at least you're not this person who dropped their "lasaga"

8. Try and be as peaceful as this beautiful cat in the snow

9. Or as happy as this Mama who loves her new puppies

10. And break down barriers, just like this doggo die

11. Whatever you do, don't make this person's mistake

12. This girl's parents set her up nicely

13. Try and be as punny as this girl

14. And gaze at your friends like this pup gazes at his owl friend

15. And never forget how cute this pupperino is

16. And enjoy the sun as much as this corgi

17. Feel love like this dog sees it

18. And rule your kingdom like this cat rules the bathroom

19. If nothing else, read this post and laugh until you cry

20. And you can always call your mom if things get tough

21. Or just ride it out

22. Whatever you do, thankful you're not named Cark.

What's your favorite way to start the day?

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